Tuesday, March 28, 2017


for ever thankful
for what you have done for
me so far
...  so ...

 tell me my friend
u say its wrong pumpin oil
but u wanna drive a car don't u
u say its wrong to raise cows
but u wanna eat steak don't u
u say its wrong to hunt and trap and fish
but u wanna eat specialties don't u
u say its wrong to fell trees
but u wanna be warm don't u
u say its wrong 2 rodeo
but u want traditions
 ... so ...
 what will u
do 4 my kids 2day?
4ever thankful beautiful

.grow ur own store then, man.

come and visit my travel blog why don't u


  1. hi Cat
    yes we want all off that
    and we want even more then that
    we want it without problems for the natural environment
    and it is just that what is impossible
    we should be thankful for all we got
    love Karel

  2. hi Cat
    love the vid
    glad you liked the one on my blog
    the header pic by me , is from the nature reserve around Hilversum , the place where I live
    there are some sheep herds as wel , they had the young , so soon they will be out again


    love Karel

  3. May we forever be thankful for all that Mother Nature provides us with Cat.. Loved the poem and the video.. And I am Breathing.... :-)
    And yes.. still growing my own :-) 💜💚💛

  4. Hi, cat!

    My father was an outdoorsman and he would have loved to visit your scenic region. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that promotional film. "Celebrate the beauty, experience the thrill and feel the joy in Alberta's soaring Canadian Rockies, big sky prairies, peaceful backcountry and energetic cities." I love to watch time lapse film sequences that show cumulus clouds churning and slow motion sequences that allow us to observe and appreciate scenes like skiers slicing through powdered snow and sled dogs pulling excited people across the frozen terrain.

    Thank you very much, dear friend cat and please...

    (remember to breathe)

  5. Life is full of compromises. It's never "either/or". Good points, cat. That's a fabulous video! I've never been further west than Winnipeg, but hope to get there, one day.

  6. It's a peculiar paradox, isn't it? We humans seem to think we can have it both ways, but it never quite works out that way. Like the old song says, "Something's gotta give."

  7. Great video, nice poem, but I really liked the video you shared on Walking Man's blog--great skiing. These videos are making me miss the West (I've lived a decade in Utah, a year in Nevada and spent several summers in California and Idaho)

  8. Nope don't need the oil anymore, we have better technology now but the Trump will make sure it still flows from North to South and is used as an indicator of economic improvements. What the hell why not at $50+ per bbl there's money in that black gold. The fishing is good here until that double wide 60 year old never inspected or maintained pipeline under the Mackinac Straits ruptures killing the Great Lakes.

    Yeah we get some of that Alberta tar sand oil here in Detroit for refining. doesn't do much for the prices though we also get great piles of petcoke sitting on the river banks uncovered and blowing into the river and back to Canada.

    Ain't worried about the cow farts we've melted enough tundra now to off gas way more methane than they could ever produce.

    Yeah let's deforest the planet some more. We have already thrown the balance of what the planet itself produces in CO2 and recovers so why not just let go of the last of the rain and old growth forests?

    The hunting and fishing is good as long as it lasts and you eat what you kill.

    The catastrophe we have over the past 200 years inflicted on the environment is my #1 issue. We are such fools.

  9. we live in totaly different climates :)
    we did have new records summer temperatues in march , grazy
    but not bad :)
    love Karel

  10. I stated an opinion hard won and come by, I still love you not less but more, Meowmomma.