Friday, June 2, 2017



just in time

spring time in alberta is as soft and gentle
she can turn brutal and unforgiving ever so fast
every year she fools me with this same insane game
she makes me love her with my heart and soul
it seems i will never learn how to get away

just in time
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  1. Okay, keep it up, and you'll make me fall in love with Alberta, too. :) (Those mountains are absolutely gorgeous!)

  2. hi Cat
    spring is good every where , even in Alberta
    but those long hard winters , I think you have had it with them
    on top off that 14 nightshifts in a row
    I bet your in for a vacation
    I hiked an 25 KM today , was warm but good to do
    good then good know hihi
    I am off to bett
    love Karel

  3. I read something About bad weather and Tornados in Alberta.

    Are you okay?

    Made me worried About you.


    1. The tornado hit 100 km south east of us, friend Rob. There was property damage but no injuries. Thanks for asking. Love, cat.

  4. A lovely but solemn piece about love and longing for so much more. Hello and warm greetings, many thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Sound like a red hot pepper type of country. From outside look shiny and pretty but a bite can be very fiery.

    My side here have 4 seasonsbut it's not same as yours..ours are Monsoon season, Dengue season, Durian season & HAZE season. Now is durian season but this year had not eaten any yet coz very pricey.

  6. Alberta very beautiful.. Enjoy your planting time dear Cat.. May Spring be kind.. Sending love and hugs my friend xx

  7. hi Cat

    not bad at all
    it is a new start off the week
    and it is for many an holiday , so a free day
    and because off that holiday , I did get the advertising flyers on Saturday already , so did 2 rounds then and 2 on Sunday , left 1 for today , easy and so a good start

    in a day of 10 I get friends over from Bonn
    and the lady is very neat and tidy , I suspect a form of hosophobia
    so I do some extra cleaning the coming day's , won't be so nice anyway

    yes he loves the cheese and new Herring

    there are festivals all around , i walked up on one not to long ago
    but in te PowerPoint you find an other festival

    great vids , no matter how many times you see them

    I wish you happy birthday for your daughter Mary
    if you see her , pass it on

    love Karel

  8. I am glad you are okay, dear friend. Love and hugs to you.